Wanjiku Wainaina, Candidate, Director of Communications

Master’s Student, Interdisciplinary Studies: Women and Gender Studies (full-time student)

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Brief biography and candidate statement about why you would be qualified for this position:

I moved to Fairfax VA in fall 2015 from Milan, Italy to pursue a Master’s degree at GMU and also to be around my little niece and nephew who are 4 and 2 respectively. In the past one year at George Mason, I have benefitted tremendously from a wide array of services offered to promote student scholarship and personal growth, here at Mason. Just this spring, I was honored to make my 3rd graduate level conference at the Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference in Arlington. From Dr. Cory Edwards remarks in the opening ceremony, I got to find out about the amount of resources available for graduate students. Having spoken to a few of my colleagues in various graduate programs, I was surprised that this information did not always reach the bulk of the Mason graduate students that is geared for. It is because of this that I was motivated to become an active member of GAPSA. My expertise lies in integrated marketing communications. I hold a Master’s degree in corporate communication from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and have earned international experience in media and advertising agencies, amongst other industries. Having benefited from GAPSA’s services, I would be honored to make use of my expertise to help the organization improve its communications aspect by formulating a communication strategy that would ensure more students are aware of opportunities to advance their scholarship. Additionally, I would like to improve GAPSA’s public communication especially to promote events prior to and while they are ongoing. I am talking about utilizing popular new media such as twitter to spark conversations and to get the Mason graduate community in-the-know about GAPSA. This is why I am applying for the position of Director of Communication.

Will you be able to meet the time commitments and expectations of the position? Describe your availability for Fall 2017, as well as other on-going time commitments (e.g., classes, work, organizational involvement).

I already hold a 20-hour a week assistantship that will continue into the upcoming academic year, alongside 6 credits of course work, and I am confident of my ability to dedicate an additional 5 hours a week to the position of Director of Communication for GAPSA.

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