Andrew J. Quillen, Candidate, President

Master’s Student, Public Administration (full-time student)

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

Brief biography and candidate statement about why you would be qualified for this position:

Andrew Quillen is a master’s student of Public Administration with a passion for university involvement, improvement, and student representation. During his two years working as a GMU resident advisor in Fairfax, he developed programming skills, in-depth knowledge of university services, and rapport with university administration. Andrew will be serving as the University Life Graduate Assistant for the 2017-2018 year, a position closely connected with the goals and activities of GAPSA. As President, Andrew will support and implement improvements to the graduate student experience through the The Mason Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, promoting a Fairfax-Arlington shuttle, and improving the representation of graduate students and their needs at the administrative level. Andrew is excited to bring his advocacy skills and institutional knowledge to ensure positive change and support for graduate students at George Mason.

Andrew has worked in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representative on Capitol Hill, giving him great insight into the hard-work and value of service and representation. During his undergraduate program, he spent a year studying in France and Spain; this perspective-broadening experience developed his ability to objectively and flexibly approach challenging situations with a cool, calculated demeanor. After completing his education, Andrew plans to run for public office and further pursue his passion for advocacy and institutional improvement. Andrew is a recipient of the Rotary International Code of Ethics Award, a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honors society, and a proud Eagle Scout.


Will you be able to meet the time commitments and expectations of the position? Describe your availability for Fall 2017, as well as other on-going time commitments (e.g., classes, work, organizational involvement).

Andrew is a hard and dedicated worker who believes in giving all in any position, as such, he has arranged his 2017-2018 year to maximize his time representing graduate students through GAPSA. As his only time commitments are courses and work with University Life, he will have ample time to tackle meetings, development, events, and any issues or concerns that come up. Andrew will earn your vote by giving his undivided attention and appetite for improvement to the GAPSA role.

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