Minh Tri Le, Candidate for Director of Communication

Minh Tri Le, Candidate for Director of Communication

Graduate Degree Program: Doctoral student, Geography and Geoinformation Science, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (full-time student)

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2024

Campus of Academic Department: Fairfax

Campus(es) of Classes, Work, and/or Residence: Fairfax

Biography and Candidate Statement

My name is Minh Tri Le and I’m a Ph.D. student in Data Science and Geography. I’m familiar with working with technology, and social media communications, and I can effectively communicate with other students in my program. I am also familiar with several creative processes such as drawing, painting, designing dashboards, and occasional flyers in the past. One previous experience of mine working in a student association is when I was a Logistics and Technology Chair in the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) in Texas Christian University. I was responsible for general basis equipment in the Association and also all resources for large annual cultural events at TCU. Therefore, I believe I have to skillset to qualify for the position of Director of Communications. Although I did not have sufficient previous experience for the position, I can quickly learn and adapt to the new position to fulfill the job duty.

Availability and Commitment to the Time and Expectations of the position

Moreover, I have the ability to commit to the work hours and Board Meetings at GAPSA since I have completed all my classes for the Ph.D. program and only work on projects and dissertations mainly. Hence, I can commit to the work requirements of GAPSA during the academic year.