Antarjot Kaur, Candidate for President

Antarjot Kaur, Candidate for President

Master’s student, Bioengineering, College of Engineering and Computing (full-time student)
Expected date of graduation: May 2023

At what campus is your academic department located?

At what campus(es) do you attend classes, work, and/or reside? 

Biography and Candidate Statement

Hello, my name is Antarjot Kaur. I am a 25-year-old student currently working on her Bioengineering M.S with a focus in Biomedical Imaging and Devices. Prior experiences of presidency and projects I have are, Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) President, Green Club, Stepping Stones, and the Sisters Rise Up Project. While I have had multiple leadership roles, I believe the Presidency of Biomedical Engineering Society holds the roles and responsibilities of the GAPSA presidency. As a transfer student coming into a George Mason University, I saw many of my peers complaining about common issues including lack of knowledge in career development, complaints about professors, and course structure. I could see their frustration and it bothered me to see smart and hardworking students reasonably upset. From my outside experience with professors from previous universities as well as talking to professors in our department, I noticed that they go above and beyond, but they were lost and frustrated about students not communicating, coming to class, and being overworked. I wanted to help both sides as the discontent in communication between both parties was one big issue. Personally, whenever I see a problem, as an engineer and a person with leadership experience I look at “how can I solve this problem?” and “what forum would allow me to solve this problem?”. So, as a student, I decided I was going to try my best effort to become the President of the BMES board. This is because I knew from personal experiences, the fear of speaking up and starting conversations with people in authority can be daunting and sometimes comes at a cost. Unlike other clubs that are separate from departments, BMES was almost like our student governing board because the size of our department. For the first year, I was a Vice President for BMES and worked hand in hand with the President on making sure that all basic duties were taken care of, membership and attendance was increased, and that there was one key focus. That year, our focus was career development as many Alumni from our department were not necessarily working in the field of their degree and many students felt lost in how to approach career development. In turn, we had people come and visit to speak about their jobs, and I tried to lead the organization of a well-rounded conference. My goal for this coming year would be to continue to fill all the President’s duties and optimizing/ make minor improvements on their previous work, while still working on one main big issue and trying to focus on that for the year. Also, I know that we have so many members in GAPSA, but if appointed I would like to also take the time between now and September to meet every student who is a representative and ask them key questions to better understand and develop or at least make them feel that they can be more vocal and join in more of the feedback/group discussions.

Will you be able to meet the time commitments and expectations of the position? Describe your probable availability for the 2022-2023 academic year, as well as other on-going time commitments (e.g., classes, work, organizational involvement).

I believe I would be able to make the time commitments and expectations of the position. I do believe I can balance that much work because in the past I have successfully handled multiple jobs, doing research, taking care of parents health, being the President of BMES, and going to school full-time. I also understand based on the time I did spend in BMES, that generally a President does spend more than 10 hours a week working for an organization. There were weeks where I spent 10 hours just in meetings and emails and still had to put another 10 hours for workshops, paperwork, and other tasks.