Ninon Nelson, Candidate for Vice President of Science & Technology Campus

Ninon Nelson, Candidate for Vice President of Science & Technology Campus

Master’s student, Global Affairs, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (full-time student)
Expected date of graduation: May 2023

At what campus is your academic department located?

At what campus(es) do you attend classes, work, and/or reside? 
All my classes are situated at the Fairfax campus, but I work at the IST department, and reside at the SciTech campus

Biography and Candidate Statement

My name is Ninon Nelson and I have always been involved in student government. I firmly believe in the idea of giving back to the community and environment around us. As an undergradute at the Pennsylvania State University, I held the position, first as Student body president at the Harrisburg branch, followed by Executive Liaison at University Park to 19 Commonwealth Campuses accross the state of Pennsylvania. As Executive Liaison, I had the opportunity to facilitate realtions between multicultural caucuses (Black, Latino and Asain Pacific Islander Caucus) , Suistainability groups ( Council of Sustainable Leaders), Lion Ambassadors, Panhellenic Council, Multi- Cultural Greek organizations and more importantly the Graduate and Professional Student Association(GPSA).

Some examples of projects with the GPSA involved

  • Amending the Health insurance policy to include working professionals and increase coverage for graduate students.
  • Advocating for reduction in local transportation fees around the State college area
  • Meeting with the local town council to discuss rent hikes around area where Graduate professionals reside.
  • Planning a secondary graduate student orientation

As Executive Liaison I also maintained bi-weekly meetings with the Director of Student Affairs and Academic affairs. I attended the biannual Board of trustee meetings to advocate for increased funding on behalf of the commonwealth. I was also the student representative on the following working groups: Diversity and Equity, International Student enrollment and success group, New student orientation and Governmental affairs, to name a few.

Here at George Mason, I have had the privilege to represent the Graduate students of the MA Global Affairs program at GAPSA. I have communicated GAPSA’S programming goals with my department’s director and have been fortunate to see the successful impact of these endeavors. I have also worked with my school to develop SMART goals to ensure a continued focus on Diversity and Equity within the classroom.  During my year with GAPSA, I had the opportunity to, not only understand the needs of students at the Fairfax campus, but those at the SciTech campus as well. The SciTech campus is another bastion of the values George Mason holds so dear. I have seen students enjoy welcoming President Washington, International student week, and reap the fruits of the tabling effort by the office of student life here at SciTech. This goes to show that the strength of Mason Nations transcends the borders of, only, the Fairfax campus!

Therefore, I would welcome the opportunity to advocate for the good of my peers, here at SciTech.

Will you be able to meet the time commitments and expectations of the position? Describe your probable availability for the 2022-2023 academic year, as well as other on-going time commitments (e.g., classes, work, organizational involvement).

I believe I will be able to meet the time commitments and expectations of this position. I intent to graduate in the Spring of 2023, and during my time as a student I hope to serve the student body at the SciTech campus well!