Welcome to GAPSA!

White lettering spells out GAPSA with a green and gold outline, and the words below "Graduate & Professional Student Association at George Mason University."Logo


The purpose of the Graduate and Professional Student Association is to establish a forum through which George Mason University graduate and professional students are able to address issues, advocate for the greater good, grow professionally, and socialize with one another, thus, creating a stronger graduate community that promotes personal and academic success.

GAPSA is the principal body for advocating for the needs of George Mason University graduate and professional students within the University and government bodies (The Commonwealth of Virginia Assembly and Congress).

GAPSA recognizes that enriching graduate student life at George Mason University can improve the prestige of the University. By creating a better environment for graduate students, Mason can improve graduate student recruitment and retention. Our goal is to enrich the academic and social life for all graduate and professional students, thereby enriching Mason as a whole.