Graduate Division

The Graduate Division in the Office of the Provost provides support from the time a prospective graduate student first expresses an interest in studying at Mason to the moment they walk across the stage to receive a degree.

About the Graduate Division

We support all Mason graduate programs and ensure the academic success of more than 10,000 graduate students while upholding the quality and rigor of graduate education at Mason. Our office, in conjunction with partners across all our campuses, undertakes a myriad of functions to provide this support. These include facilitating curricular enhancements, administering graduate policies and procedures, and providing internal and external funding opportunities. As students join Mason’s graduate programs, the office collaborates with many other departments and offices on campus to provide a community of support and growth that enables them to develop the professional skills and relationships needed to thrive while at Mason, become prepared for their future career, and respond to market demands and needs.

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