All graduate students enrolled in degree seeking programs at George Mason University are represented by GAPSA and are eligible to vote in GAPSA elections. There are, however, two types of graduate and professional student membership populations in GAPSA: active and passive membership.

GAPSA shall define active membership, as it pertains to the additional $50 of Graduate Student Travel Fund funding for domestic travel, as belonging to one of the following four categories:  

  • A current member of GAPSA’s Executive Committee. 
  • A current representative for GAPSA’s Grad Assembly in good standing.
    • To be in good standing the representative has missed no more than one meeting in the active semester without a proxy. 
  • Was a member of the GAPSA’s Executive Committee or Grad Assembly representative in good standing in the previous academic year.
  • Served on a GAPSA committee, as a representative proxy, or as a GAPSA volunteer during the last academic semester.   

Passive membership is any graduate or professional student who is enrolled in a degree seeking program at George Mason University, but is not represented by one of the above active membership sub-populations. 

All graduate students know about the busy schedule that comes with higher education. When we find time to get involved, however, we can make a difference for our colleagues and for future students.

For more information about getting involved with GAPSA events, contact your campus GAPSA executive committee representative.